Ryan Wheeler Technologist and Principal Engineer
Advanced Manufacturing
Rockwell Collins

Ryan Wheeler
Ryan is a Technologist and Principal Engineer with Advanced Manufacturing, the Research and Development arm of Manufacturing Operations at Rockwell Collins.  As project lead for Advanced Visualization Technologies, in 2010 his team created a Virtual Reality solution to experience the assembly of new designs and keep flaws from escaping from design into manufacturing.  The VR solution proved and remains almost perfect.  Design escapes, once common and taken for granted, are now unicorns.  For almost a decade design teams across the 30,000-employee global company have and continue to make consistent, compulsive use without mandate.  Rockwell Collins was the first and is among the few mid-tier suppliers to make such use of VR.
Ryan’s engineering undergrad was earned in 2001 from Michigan Tech.  His MBA is through the University of Iowa and his Masters of Systems Engineering is from Iowa State University.


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